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We published the Wow Principles newsletter for writers for 10 years. While we are no longer doing the newsletter all of the original issues are still available for your reading pleasure and possible edification. Enjoy!

Wow Principles' Back Issues


January 2015: Soothing the Static (writing business & quotes)

February 2015: E-books and Sex

March 2015: Build Your Writer Brand

April 2015: Deadlines and Achievements

May 2015: Interview with Mark Gebbie of Gebbie Press

June 2015: Work Envy

July 2015:A Stickler for Details

August 2015: New Path for PS

September 2015: Paying Your Dues

October 2015: Learning from the King

November 2015: Snow Days (book marketing ideas)

December 2015: Patience Pending




January 2014: The Journey is the Reward

February 2014: #100 . . . and Counting!

March 2014: If You Ain't Got that Jive: Putting emotion in your stories

April 2014: Looking to the Future: The Next 6 Months for NYMB

May 2014: Submit It and Forget It

June 2014: The Dog Days of Summer

July 2014: It OK to Just Say

August 2014: Social Media is King, But...

September 2014: What's So Funny, Anyway?

October 2014: Hodge Podge, plus Laugh Until You Pee blog launch

November 2014: Seven Social Media Sites for Writers

December 2014: Other Things Writers Do (the writing business)




January 2013: Returning to Normal

February 2013: Wisdom of Cavemen (writing about love)

March 2013: Seven Reasons Why Compiling an Anthology is a Trip!

April 2013: If You Haven't Tried, Then You've Failed

May 2013: When Words Feel Like Wedgies

June 2013: No Guarantees (in the Publishing Industry)

July 2013: Hodge Podge

August 2013: From Point A to Point B (effective transitions)

September 2013: Five Tips for Writing a Cookbook

October 2013: Interview with Teri Rizvi, Founder, Erma Bombeck Writers' Workshop

November 2013: Five Tips for Promoting Your Book to Bestseller

December 2013: When in Doubt (copyright and permissions)




January 2012: OPTION 1 Publishing Program

February 2012: How You Can Write Like the "Dickens"

March 2012: The New Unpublished Writer

April 2012: Adjectives & (Steinbeck's) Charlie

May 2012: Avoiding Adverbial Ataxia

June 2012: Pationately Active vs. Couch-Potato Passive

July 2012: Books and Good Old Rock 'n' Roll

August 2012: In the Eye of the Reader (character development)

September 2012: Cinderella: Conflict and Resolution

October 2012: IBPA: Here to Help You

November 2012: Count Your Wins, Not Your Losses

December 2012: History Retold


January 2011: E-books

February 2011: A Few Good Words (speech writing)

March 2011: A Taxing Time

April 2011: Grammar Gremlins and Brazen BugBears

May 2011: Book-Signing Etiquette

June 2011: Say It Over, Again: Writing Dialog

July 2011: Managing Your Screenplays

August 2011: Are Your Ready: Major New Anthology Series

September 2011: Dealing with Writer's Block

October 2011: Blood, Guts and Success

November 2011: What's in a word?

December 2011: E-books: Take Two




January 2010: Our State of Mind: Hectic Schedules

February 2010: Avoiding the Problem Pile (common grammar problems)

March 2010: Read to Succeed!

April 2010: Clear as Mud! Photo releases and more...

May 2010: Clear as Mud! Part II

June 2010: Books and Schools

July 2010: Signs of a Strange Compulsion

August 2010: No Dream Too Big: Dream of Things review and interview

September 2010: Easy as A to Z: Magazines Worth Browsing

October 2010: Back in the Trenches: Publisher Interview

November 2010: Timing is Everything

December 2010: Hodge Podge: Wrapping up 2010




December 2009: Following, Bending and Breaking (writing rules)

November 2009: Build It and They Will Come: Marketing your book

October 2009:In 'Toon with Jonny Hawkins

September 2009: Learning From Others' Mistakes

August 2009: Getting Your Foot in the Door (Book signings for the self-published)

July 2009: Safety in Numbers (Defending against computer hackers)

June 2009: School Author Day Programs

May 2009: The Name Game--Book Endorsements

April 2009: To Agent or Not to Agent

March 2009: Print on Demand vs Self Publishing

February 2009: Choosing a Great Book Title

January 2009: Freelance Travel Writers' Program


December 2008: Pondering 2008

November 2008: Interview with new Chicken Soup Publisher

October 2008: History Retold: Historical Research

September 2008: On a Mission--Creating Your Book's Mission Statement and TOC

August 2008: What's in a Name?

July 2008: Dog Days of Summer

June 2008: Getting Your Book Into Bookstores

May 2008: Changing Times

April 2008: What's Your Platform?

March 2008: Travel Writing--Tips for Making the Most of Your Time

February 2008: Writing for the Heart; Romance Writing

January 2008: Telling It Like It Is




December 2007: 2007 Hodgepodge

November 2007: The Importance of First Impressions

October 2007: Learning from the (Stephen) King

September 2007: Grant Writing Session II

August 2007: Grant Writing Introduction

July 2007: Working with Writer's Market

June 2007: Double Trouble: Plagiarism and You

May 2007: Timing is Everything

April 2007: Taking Stock: Chicken Soup Story Selection Process

March 2007: To Promote or Not to Promote (Yourself and Your Books)

February 2007: It Could Be You (Getting Published)

January 2007: Hodgepodge of Fun Writer's Tips




January 2006: Knowing Your Rights: "Permissions" for using other people in your stories

February 2006: The Romance Market. Obtaining an ISBN for Self-Published Books

March 2006: Steinbeck's 10,000 Poems Project

April 2006: Getting It Right the First Time: Opening Sentences for Teen Novels

May 2006: Meeting Your Writing Deadlines

June 2006: Travel Writing 1A

July 2006: Travel Writing 1B

August 2006: Travel Writing 101--Tips for Selling Travel Stories

September 2006: Anthology Writing Tips: Working with Editors and Coauthors

October 2006: Introduction to Ghostwriting

November 2006: Part I: Introduction to Interviewing Techniques

December 2006: Part II: Interviewing Techniques




November 2005: Dealing with Style Issues

December 2005: Wanna-be Writer vs. the Successful Writer

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