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At our travel website (, Publishing Syndicate is making available a large and growing selection of individual destination travel stories. Some are the short pieces included in our books; others are longer versions. With each story, we include photos, usually many more than the two or three that may have been used in any previously published original story or book. We also have many travel destinations for which we have photos (and captions), but have not yet produced the written story. We are adding stories and photos to our list every week or two, so check back often.


Most of the stories listed have been updated, although information about entrance fees, tour times and prices tend to change often. The story/photo packages are available for one-time use, and most are priced between $50 and $250. Other use arrangements can be made.


We have organized the stories based primarily on geography and general subject, although some may be double-listed such as an historic mansion that is also part of a state or national park.


If you see something you like, but the photos or stories are missing, contact us. We are here to cater to your needs!


~~Ken and Dahlynn McKowen


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