NYMB...On Travel


This is an anthology filled with true, first-person travel adventure stories. From the jungles of Central America to the highlands of Africa, from the charms of Europe to the mysteries of North America, from the sacred sites of Asia to the high seas of the Caribbean, these stories will delight and entertain you. Whether you are an armchair traveler or an on-the-road-again adventurer, we invite you to vicariously journey around the world with us. But don’t forget to fasten your seat belt, because you’re guaranteed one hell of a great trip!



ISBN 978-1-938778-04-9 (330 pages)

Cover Price: $16.95

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Spirit of One


In the ancient time of wishtongues, wizards and talltalists, the Family Tanox and their evil Principles have cloaked their ever-expanding kingdom in darkness and death. Zennan, an unlikely hero, emerges from a cave at the end of the beginning of darkness. He embarks upon an impossible quest, one that has already cost the lives of his father and brother, to free his people from the Principles and their binding chains. Zennan's epic quest becomes even more critical after he meets the beautiful Meeshannette, who tragically is kidnapped by the Grand Black Sorcerer and presented as a gift to Ra-Tonox. Love, desperation, creatures of the night and more unite in an epic quest to free Meeshannette and the known world from the Tanox evil. Unknowingly, the quest creates a spirit more powerful than all.


ISBN 978-1-938778-00-1 (248 pages)

Cover Price: $16.95

Your Price: $12.47





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If you're a prude, put this book down...now. You've been warned. This is not a book to take home to your mother, unless she was part of the wild 1960s' Woodstock generation.


This is a look at the funny side of sex, not a blow-by-blow description of the act. It is a compilation of healthy, playful and irreverent stories about everything sex, from mature relationships to clandestine physical encounters, from surprising mishaps to embarrassing moments. You'll get wet reading it, because you'll pee your pants laughing.


With 69 carnal stories and chapter titles including "Best Laid Plans," "Sex and the Digital Age" and "Costumes and Props Required," this book is guaranteed to be a stimulating read, again and again.


ISBN 978-1-938778-42-1

Cover Price: $16.95

Special $12.00


 Best of the

    California Coast

Whether you are a first time visitor or a well-traveled native, there is no better way to explore and experience California's 1,100 miles of coast than with this book by your side.


These pages feature and overview of California's tumultuous cultural history and it's incredible natural history. Descriptions of 300 primary destinations and 500 secondary destinations with 300-plus photos, drawings and maps. Contact info for hundreds of parks, museums and more.


ISBN 978-0-982465-2-4 (374 pages with 300+photos)

 Cover Price $21.95

 Your Price $17.95





On Working for a Living


Money doesn’t grow on trees . . .

Imagine if it did. We would all become farmers, one of the hardest jobs out there. The world would stop, because there would be no one left to stock store shelves, create new technologies, deliver goods, teach our children or fix our roads.


Money makes the world go ‘round, and the work of millions each and every day keeps the economy going. And from this comes countless stories of everyday life in the workplace, those water-cooler tales of silliness and surprise shared with fellow workers.


That’s what you’ll find in this book, stories from the trenches of working stiffs near and far. From hair dressers to teachers, steel workers to even a happy hooker, you’ll learn that money doesn’t grow on trees, but is earned through hard work... and laughter along the way.

ISBN 978-1-938778-18.6 (304 pages)

Cover Price: $16.95

Your Price: $12.47


NYMB...On Cats


We're certain every cat in the world would agree with the above. Dogs, on the other paw, may disagree. But who cares? Not cats.


Author George F. Will said of felines, "The phrase 'domestic cat' is an oxymoron. We cat lovers beg to differ. Felines have their own language, their own culture, their own ideas, their own just-about-everything.


It goes without saying that cats rule the pages of this book, from beginning to end. Knowing their proclivity for always needing to be in charge, they wouldn't have it any other way. And we approve.


ISBN 978-1-938778-18.6 (304 pages)

Cover Price: $16.95

Your Price: $12.47


NYMB...On Dogs


Watch out! The dogs are loose and in rare form in this very funny and endearing anthology about our canine friends. We are dog people. While some may think we’re a bit off our rockers— especially them cat people—we don’t give a hoot. Our fur kids are our babies, our children. They are our trusted companions. They ask for nothing in return. They shower us with their loyalty and love.


Inside, you’ll read about puppy-dog antics and silly-canine adventures, with a surprise or two thrown in, all of which will make you very happy the dogs are running free on the pages of this wonderful book.


ISBN 978-1-938778-06-3 (290 pages)

Cover Price: $16.95

Your Price: $12.47




On Family


The apple doesn’t fall far . . .

Ain’t that the truth! How many times have you hollered at your kids then thought, Oh, no! I sound just like my mom! Or looking into a mirror you notice your temples beginning to gray, just like your dad’s? Genetics is the hand we are all dealt, and we have nothing to blame but our family lineage.

Regardless of what limb you dangle from on your family tree, your roots play an important part in your everyday life, from “Oh, crap!” moments to family squabbles, from daring adventures to dealing with a crazy aunt or uncle. From those nuclear, blended or extended families, new memories are created, memories that turn into family legacies and stories often repeated.

While you can choose your friends, you can’t choose your family. So like the family on the cover of this book, always have a box at the ready. You never know when you’ll need it!

ISBN 978-1-938778-16-2 (312 pages)

Cover Price: $16.95

Your Price: $12.47



On Being a Woman


Women of all ages and with very different life experiences have shared their personal stories with us, most for the first time. Some are seasoned writers, others simply have great stories to tell, but all are stories that women can relate to--and laugh about. The authors write candidly and most with great humor, about life as a women, be it learning about sex as a teen, dealing with husbands, handling the dreaded menopause, their workplace escapades, managing goofy relatives or any of the dozens of other women-focused life experiences.


ISBN 978-1-938778-00-1 (310 pages)

Cover Price: $16.95

Your Price: $12.47


NYMB...On Travel


This is an anthology filled with true, first-person travel adventure stories. From the jungles of Central America to the highlands of Africa, from the charms of Europe to the mysteries of North America, from the sacred sites of Asia to the high seas of the Caribbean, these stories will delight and entertain you. Whether you are an armchair traveler or an on-the-road-again adventurer, we invite you to vicariously journey around the world with us. But don’t forget to fasten your seat belt, because you’re guaranteed one hell of a great trip!



ISBN 978-1-938778-04-9 (330 pages)

Cover Price: $16.95

Your Price: $12.47



On Home Improvement


If you build it, they will come. Or if you destroy it, will they run? That's every do-it-yourselfer's fear--a home- improvement project that goes awry. Depending on what's thrown at them, some strike out, others hit a home run. But they all have one important thing in common--they are not afraid to try.


We invite you to root for our authors as they share their favorite DIY adventures. And who knows, maybe you're already on the home improvement team, ready to hit that DIY grand slam!


ISBN 978-1-938-778-12-4

Price: $16.95

Your Price: $12.47



On Being a Stupid Kid


The title says it all. Being a stupid kid. Period. There’s nothing worse than getting caught with your hand in the proverbial cookie jar, yet alone confessing to all those stupid things you did when you were a kid and lived to tell about. Yes, you know where the bodies are buried.


Inside, you’ll read stories about crazy capers, double-dog dares and outlandish adventures—those youthful escapades you never shared with your parents! Whether it was driving on thin ice (literally), getting your younger brother to jump off a roof, hitchhiking to see the Beatles, throwing tomatoes at cops or nearly blowing up your house, we all did stupid kid things and survived. Thus the reason to hide this book from your youngsters and especially your teenagers . . . you might give them ideas! Click HERE to read sample stories


ISBN 978-1-938778-02-5 (320 pages)

Cover Price: $16.95

Your Price: $12.47






On Being a Parent


Now that we have your attention, you have to admit that in most cases, parenthood starts with the above headlined activity. Nine months later, your life is forever changed with the arrival of your little bundle of joy.


Yes, joy. Becoming a parent is part of the circle of life, and children bring joy to life--and poopy diapers. The stories in this book begin with conception and end with becoming a parent to your parent. Every story in between will make you laugh out loud and relive your many parental moments, joyous as they may be.


ISBN 978-1-938-778-19-0

Cover price: $16.95

Your Price: $12.47




On Being a Mom


Mothering in the modern age can be a challenge. These days, the umbilical cords for most kids are high-tech gadgets and social media. In a way, our kids do know everything now.


But children still need their moms. From kissing boo-boos to teaching the difference between right and wrong.


The stories in this book--ranging from birth to empty nest--are guaranteed to entertain and delight. And remember, moms do know more that their kids when it comes to the real world!


ISBN 978-1-938778-14-8 (330 pages)

Cover Price: $16.95

Your Price: $12.47


Wine Wherever


Wine Wherever is the ultimate guide  to the wineries in California’s Monterey, Santa Cruz and Santa Clara counties. National award-winning travel authors Dahlynn and Ken McKowen provide a fascinating look at the history and personal stories behind many of the region’s wineries, their owners, their winemakers and their families.


*Behind-the-scenes look and contact info for 60-plus wineries open to the public

*Winery association and visitor center information

*Side trips to museums, state and regional parks and more


ISBN 978-0-9824654-5-5 (268 pages with photos)

Cover Price: $15.95

Your Price: $8.97

Stand Up!

75 Young Activists

Who Rock the World


Stand Up! is THE generation-defining book that focuses on the global youth movement like never before. This anthology features stories by 75 of the world's most dynamic young activists who share their amazing experiences and challenge readers through spirited calls to action. Today, by way of their grassroots movements and international work, these young men and women are bringing their own brand of savvy compassion and unstoppable courage to the crossroads of social entrepreneurship and activism.


 Free Teacher's Discussion Guide


ISBN 978-0-9850602-9-9 (288 pages with photos)

Cover Price $16.95

Your Price $12.97





 Not Your Mother's Book Series

Books for Young People

Travel and Nature Books

Lake Natoma:

A Ranger in Search of

Walden Pond


Ranger Dan gives us a special look at Lake Natoma, a portion of which is located adjacent to the notorious Folsom Prison. It’s a journey through the area’s natural and cultural history, from the Native American perspective and Gold Rush to the present cityscape. All this is seen through the eyes of a Renaissance man with a curious background in literature and parks. Ranger Dan takes us on an odyssey that explores the depths of this poet ranger’s soul. Be prepared to be touched by his humor, his insights, and his knowledge of park philosophy. The author’s canoe becomes a metaphor for life; so come along for an evocative paddle with Ranger Dan. May you discover your own Walden Pond.


Full color illustrations

ISBN 978-1-938778-08-7 (80 pages)

Cover Price: $16.95

Your Price: $12.97


The Cow-Pie Chronicles


Have you ever seen a cow pie? If you grew up on a farm, you've most certainly seen thousands--and probably stepped in a few! A cow pie is cow poop. And when cow pies dry out from days baking in the sun, they turn into cow chips, perfect for flinging, just like Frisbees.


The Cow-Pie Chronicles follows 10-year-old Tim Slinger and his annoying little sister Dana as they grow up on their family dairy farm. Join Tim on his many crazy adventures--from teasing a bull to building forts in the hayloft--and learn about the realities of life on a farm, including the hard work required of Tim and Dana to take care of the land and their farm animals.


Free Teacher's Discussion Guide


ISBN 978-1-938778-32-2 (210 pages)

Cover Price: $9.95

Featured Title Price: $5.00



The Trouble with Emily Dickinson


Meet Josephine Jenkins, better known as JJ!

A senior at Sampson Academy, JJ’s a closet poet and a talented writer suffering from stage fright. She’s also committed the ultimate lesbian faux pas—she’s fallen in love with a straight girl.


Kendal McCarthy is uber popular. She’s the campus beauty and cheerleader. But she’s still searching for that elusive high school experience that will help her make sense of herself before she leaves for college.


When JJ and Kendal cross paths, their lives suddenly become more interesting in ways that neither of them every imagined. Filled with unique and witty banter courtesy of Queenie McBride, JJ’s over-privileged confidant, this tale of innocent love exposes the reality of what can happen when two polar opposites collide in a most unexpected way—through the poetry of Emily Dickinson.


ISBN 978-0-9850602-1-3 (238 pages)

Cover Price: $16.95

Your Price: $12.47





The Education of Queenie McBride


Sometimes the most important education happens outside of the classroom.

Over-privileged and overconfident, Queenie McBride thinks she has college figured out. But as soon as classes begin at Boston University, she realizes that this isn’t high school. Luckily, her best friend JJ is there to help keep her in line. When Queenie meets Pudge, a homeless LGBT teen, her entire world is forever changed. With the help of Izzy, a strong-headed and beautiful social worker, Queenie learns how to be there for Pudge, leave her own old habits behind and become the person she’s always wanted to be.


ISBN 978-0-9850602-4-4 (224 pages)

Cover Price: $16.95

Your Price: $12.47




LGBT Books for Teens and Young Adults

 Ranger Ken's Kids Activity

 and Coloring Books


Ranger Ken's activity and coloring books are designed to help elementary school-aged children learn about and better appreciate wildlife and nature. Each page offers opportunities to color pictures of animals, to draw simple pictures of animal homes and food, play games and to read and learn about wildlife.


Mountain Wildlife: ISBN 978-0-9824-4640-0

Seashore: ISBN 978-0-9824-6541-7

(Each 32 pages) Cover Price Each: $4.95


Your Price: 1 of each title (2 books total) for just $4.97 (original cover price: $4.95 each)


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